Rumor has it that when she was born, Madison did not cry -- she sang. 

Madison's once sleep-deprived parents definitely refute that rumor. But still, she's loved singing forever. Born and raised in California's Inland Empire, her love of music grew from her church upbringing, where she learned to sight read, harmonize, and enjoy the community that music creates. Madison furthered this love through barbershop quartets, vocal jazz groups, chamber choirs, school bands, and musical theater throughout her young life. Although she chose not to study music in college and pursue it as a career, Madison made a commitment to doing everything she could do keep her favorite hobby from falling by the wayside. From participating in Pepperdine University's chamber choir and a cappella group to singing loudly in her car, performing has been and always be an essential part of her adult life, so she is beyond excited to be joining the LOLAs!

When she's not performing, you'll find Madison traveling, watching movies, or planning her next Christmas party. Madison's life goals are to go on an African safari, have a jam session with Hans Zimmer, and be the lead vocalist in an all-female punk rock band.